If the program is free then do you have to pay anything?

Yes, 100 INR or 2 USD per month for website & admin expenses.

To make the payment, you’ve to message me your full name, permanent address and email id on my LinkedIn.

I’ve a LinkedIn Business Account so you can easily write to me. 

After I’ll approve your request then I’ll send you my account details for you to make the 100 INR or 2 USD payment.

I had earlier thought of collecting fees every 3 months in advance, however, that can still put a big pressure on several students and so I’m collecting fees every month even if that increases my admin work.

It’s a MUST that the student pays 100 INR or 2 USD within first 7 days of every month or else that student would stop receiving the content and would need to reapply to join the program. If there’s a significant reason for not being able to pay then write to me.

Free 3 Year Global IT Program

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